Staff and Board of Directors

African Refuge is a community-based organization which aims to improve the quality of life for marginalized youth, families, senior citizens, immigrants and refugees.


Rev. Judy L. Brown, MA, Executive Director

Dr. Janice M. Harris, MDIV, Director of Program and Services

Dr. Ronald W. Steward, Special Projects Coordinator

Deborah Moyd, Community Health Coordinator

Youth Center Activity Specialists

Lana Johnson, BA

Christie Palmer, College of Staten Island

William Gray, BS, 

Nathaniel Bradley, Cook

Annie Gibson, Parent Volunteer

Peer Leaders

David Tham

ZaZa Forkpa

  Adult Education Coaches

Adamah & Joe




Board of Directors


 Board Chair: David Jones - Social Justice Expert, Parkhill Community 

Treasurer: Abraham Mohammad - Neighorhood Housing Services

Secretary: Gerald Brumskine - Case Analyst, Edwin Gould Services

Board Members

Claudette Duff. LSW

Michelle Aykempong
Political Action Vice President
Social Service Employees Union 371

Fern Routtee' - Retired Educator

Comfort B. Asanbe, PhD

Advisory and Honorary Board

Dr. Jack Saul
Nancy Wallace
Bobby Digi                                                                                                     Annemarie Dowling-Castronovo