Social Justice Project


Human Rights and Social Justice Project

The Human Rights and Social Justice Project is African Refuge's advocacy arm in the Liberian and international human rights community. We aim to bring the challenges facing the African refugee community here in Staten Island to the attention of New Yorkers and Americans alike. We are also a strong voice for reform and recovery in Liberia, paying specific attention to the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 2009 report in order to ensure lasting peace and prosperity in Liberia. Finally, we advocate for the peaceful resolution of African conflicts and the institutionalization of justice and democratic society across the continent.

Background on Truth & Reconciliation in Liberia

 Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement | August 18, 2003

Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission Mandate | May 12, 2005

Press on the Liberian Truth & Reconciliation Commission

Council of Churches, New DEAL Clash Over TRC Report | Liberian Observer | August 25, 2009

Forum for the Establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia Press Release | Voice of Liberia | February 4, 2009

Current Practices of Justice: The Role of Non-State Justice Systems in Liberia | United States Institute of Peace

Seeking Hidden Accounts of Atrocity | New York Times | October 21, 2007